Sorry, Your servers environment is giving us an issue we cant resolve.

We are trying to set the php include_path

After a lot of research, this is actaully a server configuration issue.

The following bug reports for PHP have caused a change in php behaviour recently:

The problem is, if your webhost enters a non standard directive in the apache configuration file, like this:

php_admin_value include_path "/some/other/path"

Then PHP scripts are then unable to set/unset the include_path from within PHP (This is a VERY common technique for PHP Developers)

This is why you get the message you get below. Because we are unable to append the include_path with the correct path to the Zend files.

I have managed to replicate this locally - but I have been unable to overcome it and therefore our applications will not work if a system admin has defined the include_path in the apache configuration.

Please forward this information to your webhost and ask them either to

1) remove the custom php_admin_value include_path in the apache configuration


2) Add the absolute path to the Zend folder which is "/something/to/your/public_html/plugins/system/blueflame/libs/Zend" to the include path they specify

Kindest regards